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How do I create an account in Uscreen?

Click here to create your account in Uscreen. You can also click on the On-Demand Library tab in the menu above and find instructions on our Live Classes page. You will use your email address and create a password to create an account. Make sure to opt-in to emails so you receive our weekly updates every Sunday night.

When will your platform switch from MindBody to Uscreen?

You can sign up for an account in Uscreen starting Thursday, June 1st. Please sign in to live classes using MindBody through June 4th. Our MindBody site will no longer be active as of Monday, June 5th and all LIVE classes will be available for clients who sign up for Uscreen.

What happens if I have MindBody credits?

All clients who have active packages in MindBody will receive a credit in Uscreen equal to the value paid for their existing MindBody credits. Credits will be applied based on the value as of June 5th. All clients with current packages will receive an email by June 5th to confirm their Uscreen credit.

What happens if I have a promo code from MindBody?

Any current promo codes can be applied to Uscreen memberships.

What if I want to try this new platform before signing up?

Enjoy your first week for FREE with access to our entire On-Demand Library of more than 100 classes as well as access to our weekly LIVE virtual classes.

How does payment work with Uscreen?

Our new platform offers a monthly membership for $48 - or take advantage of our Summer Sale for $129 and save 10% for three months. Memberships include access to our entire On-Demand Library of more than 100 classes as well as access to our weekly LIVE virtual classes. Membership auto-renews monthly or quarterly and you will receive email reminders through Uscreen regarding your upcoming automatic payments. You can cancel any time by logging into your Uscreen account and electing to cancel prior to your next scheduled auto payment.

Can I buy individual LIVE or On-Demand Classes?

Our new model does not offer individual class purchases but we hope you will enjoy the expanded access that comes with our memberships. Our standard monthly membership works out to $12 per week or $1.60 per day!


How do I sign up for LIVE virtual classes?

Once you create an account with Uscreen you will have access to all weekly LIVE virtual classes. You do not need to register for each individual class, as you did in MindBody. To sign in to class you can click our Zoom link on the Live Classes page on our website at the time of class. The weekly LIVE schedule will be published on our website and sent in an email to members every Sunday night. The live schedule is subject to change so make sure you opt into emails in your Uscreen account to receive all of our updates.

What classes do you offer on the LIVE schedule?

Our current LIVE schedule offers Signature, Signature Express, Sculpt & Stretch, and Essential. Our weekly schedule is included in an email to our members every Sunday night and listed on the Live Classes page on our website. The weekly live schedule is subject to change, although we hope to maintain the current schedule for the foreseeable future!

If I can't take the live class at the time it is offered, how can I access it?

Our LIVE classes will no longer be emailed as they have been when using MindBody, however our weekly LIVE classes will be uploaded to our On-Demand site the following week to keep new classes streaming into our Library. New classes added to the On-Demand Library will be included in the email to our members every Sunday night.


How do I access the classes in the On-Demand Library?

Once you create an account with Uscreen you will have access to our entire On-Demand Library of more than 100 classes. You can access your account by clicking the On-Demand Library tab on our website, browse all classes, and choose the class you would like to take when you are ready take it. You can stream our classes on your phone, tablet, computer, or tv -- wherever you have internet!

Is access to the On-Demand Library unlimited?

Yes! Members will have 24/7 all access to our entire On-Demand Library allowing you to take classes whenever and wherever.  We are thrilled to provide a streamlined offering to make taking classes easy and accessible. Whether you have a busy schedule, spend time traveling, or prefer working out at specific times, our classes will be ready when you are.

What types of classes are in your On-Demand Library?

All of our current class styles are offered in our on-demand library to provide options for all interests and levels. You can read more about our classes by clicking the Class Description tab above. We also offer 'Modern Barre Shorts' which are classes under 30 minutes which you can take when time is tight or string multiple shorts together to create a custom class. 

Tell me more about Modern Barre Shorts?

Modern Barre Shorts are our favorite new addition to our class lineup! These classes are under 30 minutes and target specific muscle groups. We will be adding more 'Shorts' to our On-Demand platform to give members the most flexibility to get their workouts in!


Email us at - we love to hear from you!

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