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Low impact, music driven barre workouts inspiring you to move your body in a challenging yet sustainable way. Modern Barre classes strengthen muscles, lengthen lines, and tone the whole body. Step away from the barre feeling strong, centered, and revitalized.


Enjoy access to all LIVE virtual classes
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Monthly Membership
$48 per month

Membership includes access to more than 150 on-demand workouts with new classes of varyings levels, lengths, and styles added weekly.



Born in a charming sunlit studio with 14-foot ceilings, hardwood floors, and wall to wall picture windows, Modern Barre has been providing inspiring classes for clients since 2013. The mission of the studio has always been to create a space that felt inclusive and welcoming - a fitness experience that everyone could partake in and feel good about. A second larger location opened in 2016 in West Acton, with room for 20+ clients and a calming, coastal California vibe. Both studios provided an escape from the hectic pace of life where clients could get lost in the beat of the music.


The Modern Barre Virtual Studio was created in 2020 at the onset of the pandemic to provide clients with access to classes and a routine they had come to love. It was a time of change but with that change came growth and opportunity. While the studio locations are no longer part of Modern Barre, the community that has evolved throughout the last decade has proven to be stronger than brick and mortar.


We are thrilled that clients have continued to enjoy our Live Virtual Studio more than three years after its inception, and we are so excited to continue to provide even more access to the classes they love with our On-Demand Platform. Our goal has and always will be to help you find the joy in moving your body in a challenging yet sustainable way and to leave you feeling better when you step away from the barre than when you arrived.

we can't wait to see you at the barre

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