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Join Us In the Studio or Online!

We offer music driven, full body, low impact workouts​ inspired by the foundations of ballet, yoga, and Pilates. Our classes are challenging, safe, and fun for clients of all ages and levels.

In-studio classes are held at our storefront West Acton Studio, at NB Fitness Club in Brighton (non-members welcome), and at Grace Episcopal Church in Newton on Saturday mornings.

Or join our Virtual Studio for daily LIVESTREAM online classes, and receive a recording that you can access for 24 hours.


Want to catch us ANYTIME, from ANYWHERE? It has never been easier to access our classes with our Modern Barre On Demand rental service.



Classic Foundation | Modern Technique

Modern Barre classes are full body, low impact workouts inspired by the foundations of ballet, Pilates, and yoga. Classes utilize the ballet barre, light resistance, and body weight exercises to increase total body strength with minimal stress on joints. Each strength exercise is followed by a targeted stretching segment to increase flexibility and lengthen muscles. No dance experience is required and clients of all ages and fitness levels will benefit from this safe, yet challenging workout. Each class is set to upbeat music and ends with a calming cool down to leave you feeling centered and refreshed.

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  • Improve posture

  • Increase core stability

  • Improve flexibility

  • Increase strength

  • Burn calories

  • Boost metabolism

  • Enhance weight loss

  • Reduce stress

Past | Present

Barre fitness has been adapted over the years from a system created in the 1950s by professional ballet dancer, Lotte Berk. After sustaining a back injury, Berk began rehabilitating her body using a combination of orthopedic stretches and ballet barre exercises, resulting in a unique workout program which is now known as barre fitness. Modern Barre has combined these classic foundations with modern technique to deliver a simple yet effective program with a multitude of benefits.



Essential Modern Barre - 45 Minutes

An introduction to the Modern Barre technique focusing on alignment, core stability, and flexibility. Classes are energized but work at a gentler pace with fewer strength repetitions and increased stretching segments. A great choice if you are new to barre or if you are a regular looking to perfect your form. With clear and simple exercises this class will give you all of the barre essentials.

Signature Modern Barre - 60 Minutes

Signature Express - 45 Minutes

Our signature class offers an intense, low impact, total body workout utilizing the ballet barre, light resistance, and body weight exercises. Each exercise works muscles to fatigue and then stretches them to increase flexibility and create long, lean lines. Sessions end with our calming lavender cool down for total mind-body integration.

Cardio Modern Barre - 60 Minutes

Everything you love about our Signature Modern Barre class, with the addition of an upbeat, aerobic workout. Cardio Modern Barre is the perfect choice for those looking for a dynamic cardio workout with all of the benefits of barre.

Modern Barre Flow - 60 Minutes

This class adapts the Modern Barre technique by concentrating on slower, controlled motions that will get your whole body moving. Each muscle group will be lengthened and strengthened, bringing you that same burn and muscle-shake that you look for in our Signature class.

Modern Barre Sculpt & Stretch - 45 Minutes

This class includes a 30-minute segment of low-impact, but high-intensity, strength exercises that will sculpt and define your muscles. The second 15-minute segment of active stretching will focus on lengthening the muscles and mobilizing the joints. This class is the perfect combination of challenge and relaxation that will leave you feeling strong and long!

Modern Barre Abs & Glutes - 45 Minutes

This class will  serve up 45 minutes of ab and glute burning exercises, focused on strengthening the core and toning the glutes. Each of these muscle groups will be individually targeted and worked to fatigue, before finishing off with a plank series to tie them both together. This class ends with our Signature stretch and cool down.

HIIT The Mat - 45 Minutes

This high intensity, intermediate to advanced class takes us off the barre to the mat and focuses on endurance, balance, and strength-work. You will sweat and sculpt through class and continue to burn calories throughout the rest of the day.

Cardio Arms & Abs - 60 Minutes

Everything you know and love about our Modern Barre Cardio class, combined with a series targeting your upper body. Cardio Arms + Abs will serve up 25 minutes of an upbeat, aerobic workout that will get your heart pumping and keep your energy high. The following 30 minutes will include strength exercises focused on conditioning the core and arms, and finish with our Signature stretch and cool down.



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We look forward to seeing you in the studio or online! Click to visit our schedule and reserve your spot. If you have questions regarding potential times and classes please contact us at info@modernbarrestudio.com. We're happy to hear from you!

Please note that our Virtual Studio schedule can be found under the Brighton Location on MindBody (service category Virtual Studio). All in-studio classes are listed under the location where they are held. 


Virtual Studio

We invite you to join us in our Virtual Studio for online classes. We offer multiple LIVE classes per day and follow up with a recording of class which is available for 24 hours. Join us live or sign up for a recording to stay connected and centered right from the comfort of your own home!


How To Sign Up

Reserve your spot in class through MindBody (Brighton location, service category Virtual Studio). Click on the name of the class for information on how to log into our Zoom meeting at the start of class.


What You Need For Class

  • Mat, towel or rug for mat work

  • Chair or countertop to act as a barre

  • Set of weights, soup cans, or water bottles (1lbs-3lbs)

  • Pilates ball, rolled towel or throw pillow

  • Band, belt or towel for stretching



In-Studio Pricing

*Credits can be applied to ALL class types

NEW CLIENT OFFERS (One-Month Expiration)

New Client 3 Pack                     ($10/class)   $30

New Client Unlimited Month                       $100


STANDARD PACKS (One-Year Expiration)

Single Class                                                        $22

Five Pack                                   ($20/class)   $100

Ten Pack                                      ($18/class)   $180

Twenty Pack                              ($16/class)   $320


LOYALIST PACKS (One-Month Expiration)

Eight Pack                                  ($15/class)   $120

Twelve Pack                               ($14/class)   $168

Fifteen Pack                              ($12/class)   $180

Unlimited Month                                             $200

Virtual Studio Pricing

*Credits can ONLY be applied to virtual classes.

New Client Single Class                                    $5

Single Class                                                         $15

Five Pack                                      ($13/class)   $65

Ten Pack                                       ($11/class)   $110



  • Pre-registration online is required to secure your spot for class (for both online and in-person classes).

  • All class purchases are non-refundable.

  • Cancellations must be made through Mindbody at least 12 hours prior to class to avoid losing your class credit.

  • Loyalist Packages expire one month from the date of first use. Expiration periods of all other packages begin on the date of purchase.

  • Virtual and Outdoor class packs expire SIX months from date of purchases unless otherwise specified.

  • Expiration dates of all packages cannot be extended unless under extenuating circumstances.

  • For more detailed information on class registration, cancellation, and wait-list policies, please read here.



Studio Owner | Instructor

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Founder | Instructor








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Join Our Team!

We are always looking for experienced, committed, and motivated instructors to join our team! Candidates must have extensive dance training and will partake in an intensive training course prior to teaching. Training costs and details will be discussed during interviews.


Please email info@modernbarrestudio.com with your experience and interest in becoming part of the team.


  • Extensive dance experience and a fitness/athletic background.

  • Musicality and the ability to work seamlessly on an 8 count.

  • VERY comfortable leading a group fitness class.

  • Flexible schedule to accommodate morning, afternoon, night, or
    weekend class times.

  • Impeccable form and fitness.

  • Highly motivated and energetic.

  • Ability to think on your feet.

  • Enthusiasm for the Modern Barre approach.

  • National certifications and prior teaching are a plus.