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Studio Sessions

Join us for our newly minted “Studio Sessions,” a series of pop-up classes that will keep you on your toes (no, not literally, but wouldn’t that be fun?!). Each Studio Session will deliver a 30 minute class format that will adapt the Modern Barre technique in fun and interesting ways. We’ll be rotating our Studio Sessions, so if you find a favorite, it will come back around! Die-hard virtual attendants, fear not! Every studio session will be offered both in-studio and in our Virtual Studio. Recordings of virtual Studio Sessions will be sent out to all registrants and will be available for 24 hours similar to our regularly scheduled livestream classes. 



This 30-minute upper body focused session is comprised of low impact strength training exercises targeting the shoulders, biceps, triceps, and back, followed by a killer series focusing entirely on the core. Short, sweet, but effective!

Virtual Studio: Tuesday, September 20, 9:00-9:30am

West Acton Studio: Wednesday, September 21, 12:30am-12:00pm



This 30-minute comprehensive workout is the perfect choice when you’re short on time, but still looking for that total body burn. Each muscle group will be worked to fatigue, with a final stretch to recover. Exercises will be foundational to the Modern Barre technique, with more compound movements included to create this short but spicy workout. This Studio Session is equipment free, so grab a mat and get ready to move!

Virtual Studio: Tuesday, May 24, 9:00-9:30am

West Acton Studio: Wednesday, May 25, 12:00-12:30pm


An introduction to Cardio Modern Barre, this 30 minute Studio Session will serve up low impact, but high energy aerobic exercises set to upbeat tracks. Sequences will be simple and easy to follow, while still delivering the heart pumping workout you would expect from our traditional Cardio class. If you’ve ever wondered if Cardio Modern Barre was right for you, Intro to Cardio will help you build the foundation for our higher intensity cardio classes - the perfect stepping stone before giving our others a try!

West Acton Studio: Saturday, January 15, 12:30-1pm

Virtual Studio: Saturday, January 22, 12:30-1pm



Modern Barre Flex & Flow will move you through a series of foundational, yet effective barre exercises interwoven with longer sequences of active stretching. That cool down we all love at the end of class? You’ll get that and more with a slightly extended guided meditation that wraps up class and leaves you feeling refreshed and centered. All ages and fitness levels will benefit from this class centered on mindful movement, and total mind-body integration.

West Acton Studio: Saturday, February 12, 12:30-1pm

Virtual Studio: Saturday, February 19, 12:30-1pm

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Studio Sessions run twice a month (once in-studio and once in our Virtual Studio). Check out our schedule on Mindbody to register for the current month's classes (dates listed above). All current virtual or in-studio credits can be used to register for their respective Studio Sessions. Please note that virtual credits cannot be used for an in-studio session. 

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