(all credits have a
one-month expiration)

New Client 3 Pack                           $30

New Client Unlimited Month    $100

Single Class (Drop-In)                    $22

Two Pack                       ($19/class) $38

Three Pack                   ($18/class) $54

Five Pack                      ($16/class) $80

Eight Pack                  ($15/class) $120

Twelve Pack               ($14/class) $168

Fifteen Pack              ($12/class) $180

Unlimited Month                           $200


(six-months expiration)

New Client Single Class                  $5

Single Class                                        $15

Five Pack                      ($13/class) $65

Ten Pack                       ($11/class) $110

Unlimited Month                            $150


  • Pre-registration online is required to secure your spot for class (for both online and in-person classes).

  • All class purchases are non-refundable.

  • Cancellations must be made through Mindbody at least 12 hours prior to class to avoid losing your class credit.

  • All in-studio class packs expire ONE month from date of purchase unless otherwise specified.

  • Virtual class packs expire SIX months from date of purchases unless otherwise specified.

  • Expiration dates of all packages cannot be extended unless under extenuating circumstances.

  • For more detailed information on class registration, cancellation, and wait-list policies, please read here.