Outdoor COVID-19 Policies & Procedures

While we are excited to be offering outdoor classes at Boston Landing in Brighton and at our West Acton Studio, the health and safety of our Modern Barre community remains our top priority. We want to take this time to provide you with the details of the precautionary measures we will be taking to keep our community safe, and the policies we will uphold to allow this new outdoor venture to succeed.


Clients must bring their own mat and equipment. 

Clients will be responsible for bringing their own mat to class. If you do not own a mat, a beach towel can be used instead. Clients should also bring 2-3 lb. weights, or a substitute such as soup cans or filled water bottles. We also highly recommend bringing water. Most of us are accustomed to taking class in our air conditioned studios, so it is imperative to stay hydrated, especially on those hotter days. Please note that no equipment from the studio will be available for use, and the studio and bathroom will not be open to the public. 

Clients and instructors are required to wear a mask or face covering before & after class.
Everyone must bring and wear a mask at all times before and after class. Clients who arrive without one will not be permitted to participate in class. Upon arriving at their designated “spot” on their mat, clients and instructors can remove their masks for the duration of class. Masks must be worn at any other time when proper social distancing (minimum 6 foot distance ) cannot be maintained.

Class sizes will be strictly limited and social distancing guidelines must be followed.

Due to state mandates, class sizes will be limited to 5-8 clients per class (dependent upon location). We ask that clients be aware of these social distancing guidelines, and do their best to maintain this 6 foot minimum distance between themselves and others before, during, and after class. 

Pre-registration is required & credits will be returned for weather cancellations. 

Due to restricted class sizes, all clients must be pre-registered through MindBody for outdoor classes at least one hour prior to class. Clients who drop-in for class without pre-registration will not be permitted to attend. Cancellations must be made through MindBody at least 12 hours prior to class to avoid losing your class credit. In the case of weather cancellations (rain or especially high temperatures), registered clients will be given a one-hour notice of the cancellation, and class credits will be returned.

We ask that clients monitor their health before attending outdoor classes.

If clients have any symptoms of COVID-19 as outlined by the CDC, they will not be permitted to attend class until they are no longer displaying symptoms for a 14 day period, or until they have been cleared by a doctor. Additionally, clients who have been exposed to others who display symptoms or test positive for COVID-19 are not permitted to attend classes for a period of 14 days. (Enjoy our Virtual studio classes in the meantime!) Clients who cancel for reasons related to COVID-19 will not be subject to any late fees and will have their class credit returned. The same policies will be upheld for instructors. All clients attending outdoor classes will be required to sign a waiver acknowledging our COVID-19 health check guidelines.


West Acton Studio

525 Massachusetts Avenue 

West Acton, MA 01720


(978) 893-5224



Free off-street parking is available behind and beneath Villageworks. Free on-street parking exists on both sides of Mass Ave, as well as side streets such as Spruce St, Windsor Ave, and parts of Central St and Arlington St.

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