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The Barre Necessities:
An In-Studio Workshop

This 60-minute workshop will take you through the foundations of the Modern Barre technique. It is ideal for anyone new to barre, or anyone looking to gain a better understanding of the building blocks of our classes.

We’ll break down some of the foundational barre exercises you can expect to see in our weekly classes, and take a deeper dive into proper alignment, core engagement, and the technique in how we execute our movements. Learning the “necessities” of barre assists the participants in developing their skill set to improve their own practice and get the most out of every Modern Barre class they participate in. 

Each workshop will reserve 5-10 minutes at the end for an open forum where clients can ask questions about form, technique, and how to create a Modern Barre experience and routine that will best suit them moving forward. 

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Offered as a "pop-up" at the West Acton Studio; $25 / client.

Next workshop date TBD.

To attend a workshop, purchase “The Barre Necessities Single Credit” under our Workshops & Events pricing drop down menu, and *then* register for the workshop through
Mindbody. Or contact us at or 978.893.5224 and we’ll help get you set up!

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